What is the main focus of Blackbird Ppc

  • Enterprise experience combined with high-touch client service

  • NPS is our core KPI - Client first mindset

  • We hire for ambition

  • Intense immersive training - Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors

  • Pride in craftsmanship - All channels are taught to everyone

  • Always measure incrementality/True value/Conversions that matter

sem top differentiators

  1. Bids: Make sure that bids reflect the value of the click. Any KW can be profitable with the correct bid. The goal is to trade scale for efficiency.

  2. Account Structure: Queries are not moving across KWs. KWs are not aggregating too many high volume queries.

  3. Traffic Slashing: Often times potentially good targeting is turned off instead of optimizing. ie budget caps, geo exclusions, over dayparting, pausing relevant KWs, etc. There is no such thing as bad traffic, just bad bids.

  4. CRO: By optimizing landing pages we can improve CVR up to 20% - 30%.

  5. Maximize Extensions: They are free to add and improve QS. No need not to use these.

  6. Modifiers: Try to find segments that perform differently from the average traffic and use the appropriate bid modifiers. Beware of using too many with too high deltas.

  7. Test tCPA: Target CPA is able to use many more second party data points to improve bidding. Generally this out performs manual bidding and potentially can drastically improve performance.

  8. Negatives: Exclude irrelevant queries. True broad needs extra attention.

  9. Keyword Expansion: Test true broad. Promote high volume queries into keywords. Look at Spyfu, KW planner and dynamic search ad campaigns.

  10. Data Density: Do you have enough data to make decisions? If not then aggregate your numbers in either time or theme. Additionally, you can start optimizing to proxy metrics like add to cart, quality score, time on site or key page views.

  11. True Value Measurement: For brand, remarketing and view throughs we need to ask ourselves if the purchase would have happened even if they had not seen an add. On/Off tests for brand are the best way to measure.

Facebook Strategy

  1. Diversify your ads by using different types of creative. You want diversity.

  2. Create ads in video, carousel, static, dynamic. Test new ad units as the come out.

  3. Facebook likes consolidation. Use automatic placements with all devices enabled. Verify device/placement performance afterward.

  4. Customize ads to the placements when possible. Most important to include the vertical size within Instagram feed and stories.

  5. Target CPA is an absolutely must.

  6. Lookalikes are going to be your best performing targeting 90% of the time. Create a variety of different LALs to add to your prospecting.

  7. Use Campaign Budget Optimizer with caps on ads ets. This will allow you to add many different types of targets but still have Facebook optimizing to the impression it thinks is more valuable.

  8. If any ad set is not performing you can always lower its daily max budget. This lowers the CPCs.

  9. Testing opening up your LALs or even “No Targeting” as an audience. Facebook’s bid algorithm will try to hunt down the best performing people anyways.

  10. Test and learn is a powerful tool to understand your programs efficacy.

  11. If you are not getting enough conversions per ad set either roll up your targeting or optimize to an up funnel conversion event.

  12. Refresh your ads on a 2-week rolling schedule. If you do not have those assets you can just duplicate existing ads.

  13. Right hand rail ads do not have a frequency cap.

  14. Remarketing campaigns will always overreport view through conversions.

  15. Warm colors contrast with the largely light-blue background of FB.

  16. Use Organic ads that have positive engagement in your prospecting campaign. Make sure that the post has a link to your website.

Google display

  1. Best targeting from a DR perspective are in-market, custom affinity and custom intent.

  2. tCPA is great if you can get enough data.

  3. Be sure to add placement exclusions on offensive and poor performing websites.

  4. Use category exclusions for liberally.

  5. User observation targeting to gather data

  6. Dynamic ads for display are generally strong performers

  7. Watch out for your frequency. We don’t want buy all inventory on a given page.


  1. Always use an audience over 200k. Any smaller and the ads will not serve appropriately.

  2. As of now the CPC is better than the automated

  3. Don’t lower your bids too much as this will lower the quality/CVR

  4. CTR and CPCs are closely aligned. Optimizing toward CTR will give you better CPAs.